Hi! My name is Jacqueline and I am a first year student from Southern California studying Environmental Economics and Policy and Conservation and Resource Studies. In my free time I enjoy participating in many different extracurriculars, watching movies, discovering new DIY ideas, and hunting down good deals. As the prize go-getter for the Earth Week Planning Committee, I hope you enjoy all of the sustainable prizes this year!
Hi Cal! My name is Emily Chen, a first year studying mechanical engineering, and I am Earth Week's Concert Planner! I am an international student from Bangkok, Thailand, thus growing up in the capital city opened my eyes to extreme environmental issues. These were mainly focused at urban pollution and its impacts to environmental change. I really enjoy learning about present green technology and alternative energy solutions, in addition to "water", and our carbon footprint. Other than having heart for the environment, I love basketball, music, dance, food, and meeting new people! BE GREEN, and GO BEARS!
Hi! I’m a 4th-year studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. I became involved with STeam because I am passionate about sustainability! I am also an active member of Bay-Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network (BEACN) this semester. I decided to plan Earth Week this year because I love planning (and attending!) fun events. I’m super interested in clean energy technologies, and I’m considering working within energy management or sustainable consulting firms when I graduate this May 2012! I love to travel (talk to me about Spain!), eat (anything), run, rap (Nicki Minaj!), and try new things! I’m always down to have fun and love meeting new people.
I am a second year Forestry and Natural Resources major, and absolutely loving my time at Cal! You can find me hiking in the Berkeley hills, playing my ukulele on the roof of my apartment, frolicking in San Francisco, escaping the Bay Area to go camping, or playing with horses if you happen to catch me in Washington DC, where I’m from originally. I’ve become obsessed with environmental issues and sustainability – especially in the areas of climate change, energy, biodiversity, ecology, and environmental justice. How can a nature-lover and earth-inhabitant not become obsessed with this stuff?
I am Victoria Fernandez: a freshman at Cal Berkeley, forever undeclared major, meme lover, soccer player, chocolate fiend. I am interested in Political Science, love recycling with my dad and making One Side Clean notebooks! I love watching The Office, Grey's Anatomy and The Bachelor (guilty pleasure) and discussing each episode with my boyfriend's sister who is in high school... Nice one!
Meet the Crew!
Meredith Jacobson
Monica Barin
Jacqueline Hsu
Prize Go-Getter
Victoria Fernandez
Event Planner​
Emily Chen
Concert Planner​
Richa Bhargava
Publicity Chair​​
Richacha here! I'm a Freshman and loving it! I'm undecided because I'm interested in too many things!One of my passions is the effects we have on the environment. Working in an ESPM lab I see how fertilizers affect invasive species and crops first hand. And that's just one little issue! I'm excited about this week's events and all that we're going to learn, myself included. Hope you all enjoy the website and be sure to check out the facebook page: facebook.com/calearthweek 

Hey! My name is Travis and I’m a freshman with a deep connection with the Earth and all of its magnificence. I’m from Fieldbrook, a small
Northern Californian town, where I grew up learning how to farm organically and live sustainably. This is my first semester with the Earth Week group as well as the ASUC Sustainability Team, both of which I enjoy immensely. I have been inspired and hope to inspire others to act on the devastating current issues from toxic chemicals, deforestation and global warming. I look forward to earth week inspiring you to have an earnest desire to save the world. Peace out.

Travis Bullock
Art Director